Yogik’s Cafe, Assi Ghat, Varanasi

A very modern, urban café near the hustle-bustle of the Assi Ghat. It's a very cozy place where you can get quick bites to satiate your hunger. The entire space has been divided into the moods or modes, if I say, of the patrons. One can lounge while sipping coffee, others can have hot chocolate… Continue reading Yogik’s Cafe, Assi Ghat, Varanasi

The London Shakes, Bangur, Kolkata

My Insatiable Hunger takes me to all places, big and small. The search for not the best, but good food, seems to never end. This search (for more) brought me to The London Shakes, a small, quaint little outlet in Bangur Avenue, Kolkata. This outlet is the first shop that can be seen on the… Continue reading The London Shakes, Bangur, Kolkata

Cafe ICanFlyy, Kolkata

A superb initiative. It is bound to make you smile somehow or the other. Situated near the Maddox Square, in fact, right next to it, in the Valmikee Street, it's a whole building dedicated to Special Children. The cafe is on the ground floor and covers the entire area. The passage to the cafe is… Continue reading Cafe ICanFlyy, Kolkata

Mintelaa, Minto Park, Kolkata

A good place for Hookah lovers, but is it a good place for food lovers? Mintelaa is a chique cafe, which serves food, mocktails and hookah till morning 3 a.m. everyday and has 3 outlets in the city. One in Southern Avenue, one in Alipore and the third here at Gorky Terrace. The facade of… Continue reading Mintelaa, Minto Park, Kolkata

Theobroma, Connaught Place, New Delhi

If you are looking for sinful delights, then Theobroma is the place for you. This quaint little patisserie/bakery, will leave your taste-buds wanting for more. Theobroma has become a brand that every dessert lover will relate to. The Chocolate Overload Brownies are to die for. With a humble filling of melted chocolate, and an extra… Continue reading Theobroma, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Soul Cafe, Visitel, Kolkata

A 24 x 7 cafe, The Soul Cafe does justice to its patrons. The nature of this cafe is such that you can soothe yourself anytime during the day or night. Since it is situated right beside Apollo Gleneagles Hospital, this cafe comes in handy when late night emergencies arise. A tensed mind might need… Continue reading Soul Cafe, Visitel, Kolkata

Roma’s Café Diner – Varanasi

Incredible restaurant worth a praise. This restaurant is building a name for itself with an immaculate service staff, decor and amazing lip-smacking food. It is housed in Swastik Plaza, which also has other famous restaurants like Flavours, Sagar Ratna etc. But the aura of Roma's Cafe is exhilarating. The decor will give you a feel… Continue reading Roma’s Café Diner – Varanasi