Vishalla, Vasna, Ahmedabad

If you want the look and feel of how rural India eats, nothing can beat this. Vishalla, is a Gujarati folk food destination with an immense attention to intricate details of capturing a village-themed restaurant. Right from the entrance to the dining tables, everything has been done with much detail, so as to give you… Continue reading Vishalla, Vasna, Ahmedabad

Sweets of Bengal – A Must Try. Have You Tasted Them All?

Bengal is rich with art, culture, literature, music and all things nice. But apart from these, it is considered to be the Sweetest Part of India. When in Bengal, it is mandatory to have your hands on some sweet delicacies that are predominant to Bengal. Its a heaven for sweet lovers and one can never… Continue reading Sweets of Bengal – A Must Try. Have You Tasted Them All?

Bangla Mishti Hub, Kolkata

This hub is the new pride of Kolkata that showcases its best sweets to the World. The word "mishti" is the Bengali word for "sweets". And to no one's surprise, Bengal is the leader in sweets production and consumption. This hub has been created to bring all the pioneer shops of Kolkata and Bengal under… Continue reading Bangla Mishti Hub, Kolkata