Bangla Mishti Hub, Kolkata

This hub is the new pride of Kolkata that showcases its best sweets to the World. The word “mishti” is the Bengali word for “sweets”. And to no one’s surprise, Bengal is the leader in sweets production and consumption. This hub has been created to bring all the pioneer shops of Kolkata and Bengal under a single roof. It is strategically located at Gate No. 3 of the vast Eco Park in New Town, such that people or tourists leaving the city towards the airport, can get their hands on the best of sweets en-route.

The Beautiful Ornate Decoration
List of Bengali Sweets available here

What amazed me was the extensively skilled architecture of the place. It has been aesthetically designed with iron-walled pillars, extensive chandeliers, ornate art fittings and display of Bengal’s Sweet Heritage. You can spend your time scouring through art, depicting the growth and development of the sweets and sweet industry. It has been beautifully articulated through a massive table, with pull-out drawers containing the cartoons for the same.

Heritage of Sandesh depicted through Art
Another historic reference

The sweet shops which have been operating since last 25 years in Kolkata, were given the opportunity to have a counter here. Ten of them have their camp here, including the likes of Ballaram Mullick Radharaman Mullick, Gupta Brothers, KC Das, Ganguram’s, etc. They have also included sweets from the neighboring districts of Burdwan (Mihidana), Shaktigarh (Lyangcha), Behrampore (Channabora) and Krishnagore (Sarbhaja). Such a collaboration is a superb idea and amazingly executed.

Wall Art made with Terracotta Fish

I am sure you will love this place! Bengal is surely the sweetest part of India. 🙂


Here is the map directions ⇓⇓⇓

3 thoughts on “Bangla Mishti Hub, Kolkata”

  1. This surely is a delightful treat for the Bengalis. Kolkata and a shop curating the best sweets from around Bengal the combination could not have been more correct.

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