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I am Prateek, An Insatiable Foodie. I stay in Kolkata, India, a truly foodie city. Scavenging the streets of Kolkata for the search of food is a hunger, unsatisfied. By profession, I am a Chartered Accountant, currently making my living by serving others. But my eternal love for food has brought me here, in the blogging World.

Ever since I set foot on restaurants, there was always an urge to let others know about my experiences, good or bad. With an intent to help others find what they love to eat, I started off writing reviews with Zomato for restaurants and everything else on Google. Zomato and Google are my favorite past-times.

Today, I am a Level 13 Connoisseur on Zomato and a Level 8 Google Local Guide.

It is not that huge an achievement,  but it’s nonetheless my own personal feat.

I proudly present to you, my fresh, out of the box and very personal blog, An Insatiable Foodie.

Why Insatiable? I have asked myself this question a lot of time. Although I am not a glutton as such, but I have seldom found myself wandering where to find good food next. The never-ending search for food is truly unending. I scour the internet to search for the best eatery or street food vendor in the city that I am in or in my home city. Thanks to my buddies, Zomato and Google, that help me on a daily basis to reach out to restaurants and lovely dining places that I have never even heard of. I feel it’s my duty to fuel these biggies with authentic reviews and photographs, and this is what this blog is all about.

I write unbiased and impartial reviews of restaurants and other places to eat. I try to bring proficiency in my reviews, with attention to details and what fellow humans have in store when they reach a restaurant. I am not much of a critic, but my taste buds have developed over the recent years. I have tried almost all cuisines available in India, but still fall short of covering everything available. I am a non-vegetarian lover, though I don’t eat beef, pork and insects. The restaurants that I review are my personal experiences and do not get influenced by any other person.

There will be a few interesting posts about food, foodies and food cities. Read your heart out and enjoy. Do keep commenting on my work and tell me where I am wrong or what I am missing. Can’t do this without your support. 🙂

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