Fabbrica Kolkata

Fabbrica, Sector 1, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Located on the 3rd Floor of Block A of the much frequented City Centre Salt Lake, Kolkata, Fabbrica Kolkata promises an authentic Italian experience. The pizza domain has off-late, been dominated by the likes of Domino’s Pizza and Oven Story Pizza, giving an Indian twist to the Italian staple. I wasn’t hoping for an extra-ordinary lunch here at Fabbrica. I was looking for a good bowl of pasta and then move on to its neighbor, Burger King.

The outside seating space has been beautifully decorated with round lamps, like beads and a sky blue scooter at the entrance. The interiors have been done aesthetically, with the words Ciao Amore glowing with neon pink written across a massive wall. Cozy is the word when it comes to the seating space inside. On the far end of the restaurant is the open kitchen where wonderful pizzas and pastas are created. The small mocktail bar on the corner is too sweet to handle. The letters of the FABBRICA are etched in pink on each white lamp on the side of the bar.

  • Fabbrica Kolkata Italian Scooter
  • Mocktail Bar at Fabbrica Salt Lake
  • Fabbrica Restaurant Open Kitchen

The Fabbrica Kolkata Menu has gone online, thanks to the QR Code available on the tables. We quickly selected the White Sauce Pasta (added mushrooms and broccoli), L’Esto Pizza (Pizza with Black Olives, Oven dried tomatoes and green chillies) and a couple of mocktails. The service was quick and the staff was always prompt & on their toes.

Moving on to the food, the pasta was delicious. The pasta could have been boiled for few more minutes, but the overall taste of the cheese sauce along with mushrooms and broccoli, made a fantastic bowl of pasta. The pizza was one of the firsts for me. Extremely soft, wood fired, and topped with the best of mozzarella cheese. It was fresh from the oven and you have to FOLD the pizza to have your bite. The slices were big in size and tasted fantastic. Even the mocktails were top-notch.

I am amazed by the hospitality this cozy pizzeria has to offer. The authentic Italian experience, the music, the décor and the marvelous staff will surely make me come back to Fabbrica Kolkata.

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