AB’s – Absolute Barbecues, Sector 5, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Finally, we have Absolute Barbecues in Kolkata. With a mega buffet on offer, it is something unparalleled. AB’s is the BAAP of all buffets, with over 120+ items in the menu, and has equal weightage to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The highlight of the AB’s – Absolute Barbecues Kolkata Menu is the eccentric meat selections (Emu, Rabbit, Quail, Shark, Turkey, Octopus) which is not found anywhere else. Another reason why AB’s is such a massive success, is the reasonable prices. A good buffet in Kolkata would be for around Rs. 900-1000 per person, but AB’s offer prices in the range of Rs. 650-750. The said price includes all the exotic meats and veggies mentioned above, whereas other buffets don’t include them.

Such is the success and fame of AB’s – Absolute Barbecues Restaurant that when I had visited its outlet in Bangalore, they said they have a waiting list for 3 days on the trot.

I was thoroughly excited with the news of AB’s opening its doors in Kolkata and couldn’t resist tasting its massive spread and especially the exotic meats. This was gonna be my first try of Shark, Emu, Rabbit and Quail meats. These exotics were available by way of something called Wish Grill, a unique concept wherein you have to select the meat or veggie of your choice and the same will be grilled with onions, sauces and spices.

The reservation was a breeze with the Dineout App and was later confirmed by the restaurant. It is on the first floor of the Omega Building in Sector 5, Salt Lake, Kolkata and the overall restaurant is decked up quite nicely. The interiors are tastefully done with ambient neon lighting and furniture.

The list of items is like never ending and not possible to jot down all of them here. I will start talking with pictures to make them easy.

Chicken Tangri

The starters were Excellent. Very tasty and soft. I gobbled them as they came. The Wish Grill section was fun. You need to choose the veggies and meats along with their accompaniments and the chef would toss & grill them and serve you at your table.

The outcome of my Wish Grill section was:

From Top Right:
Exotic Vegetables

The wish grill was over-hyped though. The exotics albeit Shark Steak was very chewy and I personally did not enjoy the experience. Since it was my first bite into these, I am not aware of the original taste and would be difficult for me to compare. But the taste was not good, that’s what I am concerned about. I liked the Shark meat though, it was well cooked and amazingly done. The Octopus, Squid and Turkey were not available during our visit. Sad :(!

Biryani with Fish Curry
Salad Bar

The main course was not that great. It was sub-par given the taste and quality of the items on display. The Biryani I had was bland and the chicken pieces were terribly stiff. Heading to the Dessert Section, it was not fully equipped. They had Paan flavored ice cream and several pastries and brownies.

The experience was not that great when it comes to comparison with the set giants in the city, Barbeque Nation, Sigree Global Grill, Flame & Grill and the like. Of course the range was quite different and price ridiculously competitive, but when it comes to taste and service, AB’s – Absolute Barbecues Kolkata somehow didn’t pick up or come near to its peers. The waiters were not well-trained and were not able to answer the menu questions with ease. Given the Covid protocols, none were followed. No social distancing, as all the tables were occupied. I believe, apart from the starters, nothing here was worth the money. But it was an experience which I had always wanted to live with. It would be a tough ask coming here again.

Here are some of the photos that I have shared on Google Maps.

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