A Walk Down Tiretti Bazaar For Chinese Breakfast in Kolkata

Ahh….the famous Chinese Breakfast of Kolkata.

After about 30 years of my life in Kolkata, I finally dropped down to Tiretti Bazaar in the early morning to taste some of the delicacies that Chinese people love to have as breakfast. This love for food makes you do so many different things, like, for me, waking up early in the morning. 😀

It was a complete ruckus here. Who says Kolkata is a sleeping city. I was just amazed by the crowd that gathers in the morning in this market. Parking was a breeze in the morning too. To reach here, just reach Poddar Court, go behind it and it all starts from there. Here’s the Google Pin!!

To start with, this Chinese Breakfast thingy is restricted to about 7-8 street stalls, rest everything is a proper market. You can get anything from fruits, vegetables, chicken, pork, meat etc. in a small stretch of road. There are some Chinese people residing in Kolkata who have settled here since long and Tiretti Bazaar is the place where they bring their wares in the early morning. So good to see authentic Chinese people in our city.

The Chinese Stalls in Tiretti Market
This lady is a regular selling soups and dumplings

After some street photography, it was time for food tasting. There are immense lot of food items that can be found here. The obvious choice for me were the Dumplings. They come in fried and steamed versions, with an option of Pork, Chicken and Fish. They can be had with a steaming bowl of clear soup. Add some spicy sauce to it, and you will be in for some morning fire.

Another addition to the clear soup are the Fish or Pork Balls. These fish balls are spherical in shape and better to have with Chilli Sauce or Soy Sauce separately.

Steaming Soup with Fish/Chicken Balls
Fish Ball Soup
Fish Ball in Spicy Soya Sauce

Then there were Fried Wontons available in all the above meaty options. Apart from the regular, general options, there were “BAOS” available. Its a bread filled with the meat of your choice and steamed, just like a dumpling. Then there were Pork Rolls available, again, both in fried and steamed versions. The way they display their food is so colorful and appealing and you shall be compelled to ask about it.

Pork Baos
Fried Wontons
Pork Roll & Pork Patties

Another interesting dish that I found out was called Chang Yuan Paan or commonly known as vegetable dumplings. Well, these are not the regular veg options of the dumplings, but these are wrapped in bamboo leaves and then steamed. These look very greenish and neat.

Chang Yuan Paan or Veg Dumplings Wrapped in Bamboo Leaves

We had these sweet little buns that were crunchy to the core. The sausages looked so slick and tender. There are tons of other options available which I could not venture into exploring. I heard there is a Pork shop just round the corner where raw meat is cut and prepared in front of you. There is a smoked pork version also available.

Crunchy Sweet Buns
Fried Pork Rolls

If you want an experience of a different kind and seek solace in cultural abundance, then this is the place for you. A photographer’s delight I should say. The remnants of history merged with modern touch makes it a good place to be. But, the food taste is nowhere worth it. The soups are not great, the dumplings are Ok. There are lots of better options easily available across the city. I would recommend to visit here just for experiencing the place and not expect much from the food.


5 thoughts on “A Walk Down Tiretti Bazaar For Chinese Breakfast in Kolkata”

    1. Yes. A couple of people in my team were Vegetarians. Although there is not many options, but still give it a shot.


  1. This is great info about the Tiretti Bazaar, I wish I read this blog before, I been to Kolkata once in 2019, If I knew about this Bazaar definitely I had visited then.
    Working with Chinese colleagues for more than a year I already in love with their few recipes. and being an adventurous foodie I always up for trying new things. I will goona visit this market when I will be in Kolkata next time. Thanks for sharing


  2. Well written article I have gone to Kolkata and I like fast food there your article is very good thanks for sharing


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