Carpe Diem, Park Street, Kolkata

“Seize The Day”, a.k.a Carpe Diem, is located beside Peter Cat on Park Street. This quaint little pub is a stunning place of good music, food and drinks. Inside, the space is divided into two floors. There is a private dining space just on the entrance, above the bar. The bar is massive and beautifully decorated. Then there are discreet seating tables spread across the two floors.

Smoky Environment Inside Carpe Diem

The DJ plays some insane music out here, so much so, you would compelled to get up and tap your feet, or maybe, bang your head too. There is no dance floor out here, so that’s a big minus, given the amazing music being played. What I liked the most was the Projector screen which was like 20 ft wide and just beside it were 8 TV screens laid out in a criss-cross pattern.

The Criss-Cross TV Screens

The service is very prompt. Even though you cannot hear a thing, but the staff is very attentive and keep an eye on the tables. You can get hookah here too, and it is lovely too.

The cocktails are very well presented here. The dishes are nicely laid out on different platters and are delicious too. It is extremely difficult to capture pictures of the food in such low light, although have tried my level best to do so.

We tried out the Mezze Platter. It was very well plated and the pita pockets were well prepared. The cutlet inside the pocket was very crispy. The Classic Caesar Salad was very tossed pretty well and complemented well with the sauce dressing.

Mezze Platter

The Mexican Sizzler was not good though. The rice was not at all tasty, whereas the Veg Cutlet was not crispy too. Not value for money. We also had the Classic Margherita Pizza topped with rocket leaves and sour cream. The base was thin but dry. We want cheese dripping from our Pizza, ain’t it? The Penne Pasta (we had the mixed sauce one) was had enough gooey cream, making it delicious in taste and texture.

Mexican Sizzler
Margherita Pizza
Penne Pasta

Carpe Diem, Park Street, is a top notch place, but they have to improve the quality of the food to some extent. It is not a deterrent though, the food, but in the long run, food quality would prevail over others. It is surely a happening place in the famous Park Street area and attracts a lot of young crowd to smoke it out and seize the day. Valet Parking available.

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