Refinery 091, Kolkata

We have a Big Hit in town. We call it, REFINERY 091.

Situated in Globsyn Crystals office complex in Sector 5, just opposite SlyFox Gastro Pub, Refinery 091 hosts the tallest bar in town and a global-desi menu. A complete mix of fabulous kitchen, “woah”-hopping bar and superb Hookah, greets the patrons.

A massive, tall wooden door welcomes you. Once inside, you can just stand and gaze at the floor-to-ceiling bar, fully equipped with the best liquors available. Its a colorful affair, with green, brown, black, white, yellow etc. colored bottles are stacked up together. The seating space is spread across two floors. There is a VIP section at the upper floor, that has leather comfy sofas. It’s at the backside of the bar. The brewery is at the far end, lit with neon lights. The entire place is studded with vintage posters, rustic filament bulbs, antique tit-bits and all things nice.

Floor to Ceiling Bar
View from the Upper Floor
Posters & Filament Bulbs are an Integral Part of Interiors
Lat & Long Co-ordinates of Kolkata

The place is jam packed and you can have a hard time finding a table here. The music is deafening and electrifying. The hookah is simply amazing.

The global-desi menu covers cuisines from many parts of the World and infuses them into Indian palate. Imagine Mango Pickle on Paneer. Yes. They have an item by the name “Mango Pickle Malai Tikka“, where soft paneer cubes are cooked tenderly and served with mango pickle and onion salad. The paneer cubes were extremely soft and juicy.

Mango Pickle Malai Tikka

To get along with our drinks, we had the “Paisa Vasool” or the Chakhna Platter. It had Murukku, Masala almonds and cashews, foxnuts, masala cheeselings, spiced sprouts served in a papad cone and masala peanuts. It was served in small glasses as if tea is being served.

Paisa Vasool (Chakhna Platter)

Other items to follow were the “Dilli Wale Aloo Chaat” and “Thai Corn Cakes“. The Aloo Chaat was incredible as you can feel the flavors and aroma in your mouth. The Thai Corn Cakes could have been done better.

Dilli Wale Aloo Chaat
Thai Corn Cakes

For small plates, we had the “Three Quarter Chicken” dish, that had chicken sausages, seekh kebabs, fried fish and chilli chicken. It was a sumptuous dish, with the right taste and seasonings. They were stuffed in a small plate that can easily be shared amongst 2-3 people. The meat was cooked really well. This is a must try.

Three Quarter Chicken Plate

I loved being here. The music, the electrifying atmosphere, steady service, excellent hookah and swanky cocktails, all sums up for a wonderful experience altogether. Refinery 091 has a long way to go and it can easily be one of the best pubs in Kolkata.

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