Capella, AltAir, Kolkata

Rooftop luncheons and dinners calls for exceptional ambiance, cool breezy air, light pipped music, good food and a gala time. This is what defines Capella, the restaurant of AltAir Boutique Hotel in Sector 5 of Kolkata.

After a long wait, we decided to land up at Capella. Its on the 20th floor of the Ecocentre Building, with a fancy elevator system. The car parking reminds me of the scene from the movie “The Tokyo Drift”, a mesmerizing circular driveway leading to the 2nd and upper floors. Punch in the floor 19 and you will directed to the reception of the AltAir Hotel. A small wooden staircase shall lead you to the restaurant. The restaurant decor or should I say, the lobby area of the hotel has been done up tremendously well. A marvelous chandelier, the size of 2 floors, stands sturdy from the lobby area to the restaurant floor.

The massive two floored chandelier

There are numerous Bollywood posters and paintings, small showpieces and trinkets adorning the walls around the place. The restaurant itself is massive, with buffet area and few tables in a covered space and the rest of it is in completely open space. Once outside, you can see the magnificent views of the skyline of Kolkata. At night, its completely unparalleled. The beauty of the place doubles. The place is dimly lit and is very soothing for someone to relax and enjoy some finger food and hookah.

Dim Lit Rooftop Space
Posters Adorning the Walls

The menu doesn’t contain too many items. It’s basically starters, pasta and pizza along with Biriyani. They don’t serve liquor on all days, so check with them before going, whether they are serving it or not. We ordered a couple of mocktails, Watermelon Mojito and Litchi Lemonade. They both turned out to be very refreshing and soothing.

Watermelon Mojito
Litchi Lemonade

For the food, we ordered the Veg Platter, that included Dahi Kebab, Crispy Chilly Baby Corns, Tandoori Aloo and Paneer Tikka, 3 apiece. The baby corn was a bit sour but the rest of the items were too good. They were served with spicy onion salad, an onion tartare sauce, a couple of papads and mint chutney. The plating was done excellently.

Veg Platter

Next up was the Waikiki Pizza, a thin crust pizza topped with veggies and cheeeese!! The pizza tasted fairly good.

Waikiki Pizza

Overall, I loved the place. And special thanks to Prashant, who was there to serve us. He and others were very cordial and made our evening really enjoyable. Will come back for some more fun filled and relaxing evening.

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