Kouzina Marine, Salt Lake, Kolkata

Another themed restaurant from the house of “Kouzina” brand, again, on the same street of Salt Lake City. Now touching the Water component, after laying their hands on Air (Fly Kouzina) and Earth (Kouzina Mining), I seldom wander, what’s next.

Like its predecessors, much attention to detail has been placed on creating this place too. But somehow, the concept of submarine didn’t come up as expected. There is usage of bolts and rivets all across the walls, and almost all tables on the side walls have an LED screen, displaying scenes as if there is water outside. Upon entrance, there are several buttons and pipes running along, a huge periscope and a gear. Submarines have small passages and alleyways, which has not been taken care of here. I personally like Fly Kouzina and Kouzina Mining better in terms of themed decor. This falls just short of being there.

The entrance
Well-lit Entrance

The service here is on top. Really liked the fast and courteous service of each and every individual. Every waiter was dressed as a sailor, with dresses actually suiting them.

Coming to the menu, which was immense, it took a lot of time pondering over the items and selecting the dishes. They covered sections like Oriental, Indian, Italian, Chinese and Chef’s Special, that too, all in vegetarian. When you talking about Salt Lake, this restaurant is already in the list of favorites for the nearby residents.

The Manchow Soup came in first with a small helping of fried noodles. The soup was very well prepared and tasted lovely.

Manchow Soup

We started off the food items with the Kebab Platter, that included Tandoori Aloo, Malai Broccoli, Paneer Tikka and Dahi Kebab, 2 pcs. each. The Tandoori Aloo only stood out as an authentic dish out of the 4. All the other 3 were either dry or bitter. Malai Tandoori Broccoli was very tangy. It was coated with a thick layer of curd, which might have been a bit sour, hence the taste.

Kebab Platter

Next up was the American Corn Salt and Pepper. Nothing wrong with this one.

Then we had the Cheese Fondue. It was served in a thick ceramic bowl and served with Broccoli, sauteed zucchini & asparagus, baby potatoes, mushrooms, bread croutons, olives & jalapenos. Never before I had seen Olives and Jalapenos being served with a Cheese Fondue. These could have been avoided. The overall taste was very creamy and gooey.

Cheese Fondue Platter

We signed off with the Barman’s Pitcher which was a Red Bull based drink with orange juice and strawberry slush. It was very soothing until the Ice came into play. It was served in a long glass and topped off with a slice of green apple.

Barman’s Pitcher

The food quality never fails to amaze here at the “Kouzinas”. All of them almost have the same menu and food taste. The detailed thematic decor could have been paid more attention to in Kouzina Marine. But the spacious submarine definitely needs a visit again.

Kouzina Marine Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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