Ahare Bangla 2018 – Kolkata’s Mega Food Festival

When the whiff of winter strikes Bengal, Ahare Bangla comes to Kolkata. Ahare Bangla, now in its 4th edition, came much bigger and better. This mega food festival brings Calcuttans, up, close and personal with the native Indian/Bengali dishes and also brings together cuisines from across the globe. Such is the magnitude of the festival, that you will be left spoilt for choice.

The entire food fest is split into 2 grounds. The one on the left houses all the sweetmeat shops from across Bengal and Kolkata. Here, you can get the best of the best sweets like Mihidana, Dudh Puli, Patishapta, Sharbhaja, Sitabhog and many others.

Sweets on Offer

The ground on the right which is much bigger has 4 massive hangars and numerous smaller stalls. The hangars have all the reputed eateries of Kolkata having different sized stalls inside them, each selling their respective food items based on specific menus each. It’s a non-vegetarian lover’s delight. You can choose from a galore of dishes covering chicken, mutton, crab, shark, duck, octopus and of course, everyone’s favorite, fish.

Fair Grounds
Small Stalls
Fair Grounds
Children’s Play area

It can’t get better than this. So much to choose from. The only thing that concerned me was that all food items were not served hot or fresh. They were being prepared at a farther distance and bought along here and served in buffet containers. Their were no live flames to keep it warm. I guess this was done to keep everyone safe from fire. But consequently, food being served turned out to be bland and was kept open for quite a while. Not a good thing for your health.

Quail Eggs
Egg Mutton Devil
Variety of Food on Offer
Octopus by Mitra Cafe
Squid by Mitra Cafe
Live Crabs
Famous Diamond Fish Fry
Butter Fish Fry
Biryani by Nizam’s

Some of the big names that came to put up stalls were Mitra Cafe, Nizam’s, Benfish, Haringhata, Kaviar, Mother Dairy and many other entrants in the food business. Vegetarians do have very limited options here. All in all, its a culmination of food and sweets intertwined together to make a mega food festival. Its surely worth a visit and investing a good amount of time with friends and family.



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