Social Kitchen, Holiday Inn, Kolkata

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Huge buffet with a super slow service!

The Social Kitchen is the primary restaurant of the newly opened Holiday Inn near the Airport. It shares its space with the Urban Kitchen, which turns out to be the lounge version of the Social Kitchen. The structure of the hotel has been done up well with well-appointed, cozy rooms. The roof the restaurant has a couple of beautiful art decorations installed. They give a nice look and feel to the ambiance. Some sort of music could have bettered the ambiance a bit.

Buffet Stand with Live Counters

The restaurant serves both À-la-carte as well as buffet. The buffet spread is huge. The normal inclination of the spread is towards the main course, with equal importance to both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. The À-la-carte menu is quite compact and includes Asian, Continental and Indian dishes along with select cocktails and liquors.

I went for the buffet as there were more choices to put your hands on. The buffet has varied accompaniments like several salads, Watermelon with Feta cheese, Nachos with Salsa Dip, Plain Curd, Raita and several other spices to tag along and the like. There were about 6 veggies in the vegetarian section and 4 in the non-vegetarian section. The buffet spread included:

  • Dal Makhani – Very consistent throughout, one of the better dishes available here.
  • Veg Jhalfrezi – Good choice in the vegetarian section.
  • Wok Fried Noodles – Very oily and tasted bland.
  • Paneer Aap Ki Pasand – The gravy of the paneer was thick and spicy. It can be chosen as the main dish along with your choice of breads.
  • Prawn Malai Curry – The prawns were very soft and tender. It went well with the watery, yet smooth curry.
  • Chicken/Veg Biriyani (s) – The biriyanis were not at all good. There was no chicken left in the rice and whatever rice was left, was dry and sticky. No worth of money at all.
  • Steamed Rice – No one can go wrong with this one.
  • Kung Pao Chicken – This Chinese dish was somewhat okayish.
  • Fish in Pepper Sauce – The fish was oily and the gravy was not that great.
  • Mutton Do Pyaza – Tasted much better than the other dishes. A good one.

The main course had Pizza and Pasta in the live counters.

Salad Counter
American Corn Salt & Pepper
Fish Salt & Pepper
Tit-Bits and Palate Cleansers
Watermelon with Feta

The food tasted average. The starters were very less. Just a couple of starters in the entire buffet. The worst part was the service. “Extremely” slow service. In the entire restaurant which was 80% occupied, there were only 3 waiters attending the tables. The restaurant manager stepped in to take our orders. The pizza and pasta was so late that it arrived ‘after’ we had our meals. Terrible service. Even the cocktails arrived very late. My Long Island Ice Tea was stuffed with ice. The hotel also happens to host wedding parties and as such, the patrons cause a ruckus in the buffet

The buffet is huge but the food taste and quality turns out to be average. You can lot better buffets at the price that you are paying. It was priced @ Rs. 1099++. You can rather choose the À-la-carte instead and save yourself from the pricey, not-worth-the-money buffet.


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5 thoughts on “Social Kitchen, Holiday Inn, Kolkata”

  1. Truthful. Thank you for sharing, would avoid going there. Holiday Inn itself has a not-so-decent name from my experience. So… Keep up the good work. Hope to see more from you. 😊😊😊


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