Puchkalicious, City Centre II, Kolkata

Kolkata is known for its “Puchkas” and Calcuttans have been fighting it out to prove that our Puchkas are the “best” in India, given the fact that there are several variants of the same throughout the country.

To add to the list of uncountable Puchkawalas, comes “Puchkalicious“, the perfect conjunction of the words, Puchka and Delicious. These two words definitely complement each other. This is a very small shop, (not as small as the loads of puchkawalas you will find here in Kolkata), at the extreme corner of City Centre II mall in Rajarhat, Kolkata. They have introduced a number of varieties of fusion puchkas stuffed with different fillings.


While some are commonly found, like the Dahi Puchka, Sev Puchka and the traditional classic puchka, many are new and innovative. We straightaway tried the Kurkure Puchka and Peanut Masala Puchka. The Kurkure puchka was a mixture of Kurkure chips, diced onions and potatoes along with masala, salt and lemon. Similarly, the Peanut Masala puchka had the filling of peanuts with the same combination of the former, minus the Kurkure chips. It was a FILLING experience. They serve 5 pieces each plate. The plates are made of the bark of palm leaves, very Eco-friendly too.

Inside view of Kurkure Puchka
Kurkure Puchka Plating
Peanut Masala Puchka Inside View

Then other plates that came in were Jal Jeera Puchka, which had the addition of spicy and tangy Jal Jeera infused in the classic filling of the puchka. All these puchkas were served with Tamarind/Pudina water, that was very tasty comparatively.

Jal Jeera Puchka

We saved the best for the last. Cheese Burst Puchka. Yes. You heard that right. It was stuffed with corn, mayo and loads of cheese. Pure melt in mouth stuff.

Cheese Burst Puchka

Given the fact that the place is small, they have managed to keep everything hygienic and tidy. It shows in the taste of the produce.

They also have dessert based puchkas, like the Nutella Ice Cream Puchka, Paan Puchka and Tutty Fruity Puchka. Plus they have a couple of thirst quenchers like the Lemon, Orange and Green Mango Chillers. I didn’t try them but I am sure they are good to have too.

Isn’t your mouth drooling already 🙂

The place on Zomato ⇓⇓⇓

Puchkalicious Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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