The Irish House, Quest Mall, Kolkata

Dia Duit Ireland, we have The Irish House here!!

If you want to let lose and get the feel of uber cool fun, the Irish House is the place for you. With a spic-n-span Irish setup, this pub is a place to make merry. Large wooden doors welcome you inside, with dim lighting and wooden flooring. The facade is done up with massive framed posters and clocks, and shares one end of the corner with Bombay Brasserie.


There is enough seating space available inside along with a huge bar, with high chairs. The bar is well stocked and the menu is created perfectly to bring out the Irish in you. The walls have been designed to include cool quotes and stuffs that form a perfect setting for a couple of Insta-worthy pictures.


We started off with the Drunk Meatballs, a superb dish, prepared out of minced chicken, rolled into balls, infused with molten cheese and served atop a baked tortilla. The oozing cheese out of every bite is something that I really love. The taste, wonderful. It was the perfect blend of spices and flavors.


Next up was The Melting Pot, Jalapeno Fondue. What a remarkable spread of veggies to go along with the fondue. It included grilled tomatoes, potatoes, toasted croutons, broccoli and mushrooms.  You can’t wait to dig into this dish. The colorful plating is very appealing and the taste, equally good. A small flame keeps the cheesy and creamy fondue warm in a ceramic bowl.


Then we chose Mexican Mess from a galore of fries they have on offer. It was the good old french fries served with a lot of cheese, cream, salsa sauce, pepper juliennes and other couple of sauces. You need to have this as soon as this arrives as it became soggy after a while. The plating and presentation, brilliant.


We had to have the Classic Three Cheese Pizza.  It was a flat bread pizza with melted cheese, served with sour cream on top. There were 8 pieces sliced out of the pizza. It tasted well.


For the grand finale, we had the Grilled Chicken Bowl, which had the goodness of chicken, served with grilled broccoli and pineapple rice. The rice didn’t complement well with the greens and meat, I rather would have chose Pilaf rice over this. The chicken and broccoli get 5/5 in this dish.


There were a couple of cocktails to swig down. The Inverted Bird was a concoction of beer and vodka, with the beer bottle inverted into the glass. It tasted average. I had the Irish Mule, that was served in a brass mug and tasted superb with all the whiskey and ginger ale in it.


Watermelon Mojito was served which unfortunately was spilled by one of us. A great gesture from Irish House ensued. They gave another Mojito, that too free of cost. This won our hearts. Very kind of them.

The place is a bit overpriced, but if you want to have some real authentic fun, then Irish House is the place to be. They have Happy Hours as well, Karaoke Nights and DJ nights on some nights. Highly recommended.

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