Night Kitchen, Picnic Garden, Kolkata – Delivery Only

Adding to the delivery splurge in Kolkata, comes Night Kitchen, a late night food delivery joint based in Chowbaga Road, Picnic Gardens, Kolkata. It has an expansive menu covering Chinese, Asian, Italian and Continental cuisines, giving a miss to the all-mandatory North Indian cuisine.

Since this is a delivery joint, the menu is quite impressive. But it is even more impressive as to how they manage so many items to be delivered late at night. Your hunger pangs are satiated, be rest assured.

There is no dine-in facility here. It is a pure-delivery outlet run from Chef Wasim’s home. I tasted these foods in their premises and so the reviews follow. The foods are amazing to try out. Especially the BBQ Pizza, a flat bread pizza with a humble topping of chicken, cheese, tomato sauce, jalapenos and olives. A burnt taste lingers when you a take a bite.

BBQ Pizza

I had the Caesar Salad, which was a humble concoction of greens, mayo, peppers and chicken. The plating was nice. I am not sure how that would end up in a delivery package, but it tasted real good.

Caesar Salad

I had to choose the Penne Pasta in White Sauce. The pasta was a bit dry, i.e., not boiled properly, but the creamy texture of the sauce sealed the deal.

Penne Pasta in White Sauce

The desserts ensued. The Caramel Custard was very soft, just like it should be. The Chocolate Brownie with ice cream was soft too. But again, I am not sure how that would end up in a package. Then there was Darsaan with a topping of Vanilla scoop. It was the best of the lot. They also give Chocolate Shakes in small bottle, approx 300-400 ml. It lacked chocolate though and tasted more towards a milkshake.

Caramel Custard
Brownie with Ice Cream

In short, if you are hungry and looking for a good meal option, and when you are in the Topsia, Park Circus, Picnic Garden and nearby, do try Night Kitchen. They are good for the pocket too. Chef Wasim has taken great care in giving you what you have paid for. This delivery joint has a long way to go.

P.S.: I was invited by Chef Wasim, the owner, to try out their dishes and my views are expressed on a non-biased terms with the management. These are my views based on the experiences of that day.

Restaurant Zomato Link ā‡“ā‡“ā‡“


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