Deja Bowl, Sector 5, Kolkata – Delivery Only

Brilliant Home-Made like food, to fulfil your hunger pangs!

I happened to scour through Swiggy in search of a good lunch. Deja Bowl suddenly popped up on the mobile screen and I started looking through its menu. It turned out, they were all things ‘rice’. The rice was available in combination with different types of curries and dals.

With a smirk on my face (as I am a rice lover), I ordered the combo – Rice & Dal Makhani and Dal Tadka Rice. The ordering was smooth. You have the choice to customize your own bowl too. There are several choices in curries available including chana masala, paneer, fish, chicken and mutton.

My Food from Deja Bowl

The delivery was made before time. The packaging was superb. It arrived piping hot and since it was a meal bowl, the quantity of dal to rice was equally distributed. No part of the bowl was dry. What made it even better was the aircraft style cutlery being packed along. I had ordered Chatpata Pyaaz and Papad Bowl as a side dish. In the meal, there was a small Pepsi and Mini Gulab Jamun to go along. The papad was soiled, basically due to steam I believe. An aluminium packaging could have helped better.

Dal Makhani with Steamed Rice
Dal Tadka with Steamed Rice
Unique Packaging
The Add-ons that are available

The rice is also available in 3 different types, Steamed, Brown and Dalia. You can choose from a number of accompaniments and curries and you have a wonderful bowl of goodness ready.

It was a great find for me. Although there is no trace of this place on Zomato and Google, I am attaching the Swiggy link for your easy find of good food.

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