Jungle Safari, Mani Square, Kolkata

Let your eyes adjust to the dim lighting and behold, a jungle awaits.

Jungle Safari is an upgraded version of Machaan at Mani Square, taken over by the renowned Speciality Restaurants Group, and boy-oh-boy, what an upgrade. It’s an amazing place for young kids, as the decor is simply remarkable. A huge Gorilla awaits at the entrance. Once in, dim lights invite you to a true safari experience. There is a Jeep and an elephant welcoming you.

The Gorilla at the entrance
Jeep for the Safari and the Elephant

The entire place has grass flooring. So you can remove your shoes and just relax your feet on the grass. It will make you feel good indeed. Even the washroom has the grass flooring. Now there’s Tarzan, Zebras, Lions, Panda, Mowgli, Kaa, Baloo the Bear, Sher Khan and Bagheera hovering above you. Special sound effects also add to the adrenaline.

There is a mezzanine floor that makes one feel eating out in a treehouse amidst a jungle. There are a lot of artificial leaves dangling from the roof. No part of the place has been left untouched. A perfect themed restaurant I must say. The eye-catcher was the superb waterfall in the extreme right, which houses the cast from “The Jungle Book”. It’s a go-to place for Selfie lovers or group photographs.


The Cast from “The Jungle Book”
Mezzanine Treetop Floor
King of the Jungle

Coming to the food, the menu has been curated to name the dishes as per the theme. They serve Indian, 50% Chinese, Continental and Italian dishes. Why 50%, because they don’t have fried rice in Chinese menu. Only noodles here. They also serve a whole lot of dishes without onion and garlic.

For the starters, we ordered-

  • Malai Pudina Tandoori Aloo: It was a different dish, where baby potatoes were roasted with a marination of chillies, cheese, mint and pepper. It gave out an amazing taste. The plating technique is common for all the starters. There were about 8 pieces, big and small, in the plate.
  • CNC Bombs: The regular cheese balls infused with Pudina Chutney, so that you don’t need anything else to go along. It was served with Jalapeno Mayo Dip.
  • Malai Broccoli: This was by far my favorite dish here. The broccoli were laden with cheese and creamy sauce, after being roasted in tandoor. It was full of flavors and everyone loved it. A second helping followed.
Same Plating Technique for the Starters

The main course included Penne Pasta, which was lacking salt and pepper to some extent. A small tinge of oregano and chilli flakes did the trick. We also had the Jeera Pulao, along with Dal Makhani, Hingwale Aloo, Aloo Bukhara Kofta. All the veggies had a thick gravy and tasted perfect except the Hingwale Aloo, wherein it tasted a bit sweet because of the high tomato puree content.

The whole place is superbly put up, with attention to details. The bar area is another attractive setup, where the bar is lit up impressively and well-decked. There is a massive aquarium underneath that houses 20 odd colorful fishes. A huge snake or “Kaa” from The Jungle Book and Bottle lights are hovering above. Kids will love the place. There is a small child inside me that also got excited while  being here. The service is top-notch too.

Watch out for Kaa
Tribesman Guard near the Bar
Beautiful Bar with a Colorful Aquarium

Money well spent at The Jungle Safari!

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