Pa Pa Ya, Park Street, Kolkata

Delectable Food with an Exceptional View.

Another masterpiece from the house of Massive Restaurants Pvt. Ltd, that operates several upscale fine-dining restaurants across India. Pa Pa Ya brings Japanese and Chinese cuisines on your table. It cannot get more authentic than this. There is something more to the authenticity. There is some tinge of Indian flavors here. The highlight here will be the magnificent view of the Kolkata skyline (it’s not like Manhattan, but not bad at all), extremely well presented dishes and superb decor.

There are two parts of this restaurant, one is the pub area which has the bar and smoking area, and the other is a fine dine restaurant where you can talk and have awesome food. The decor has been done tastefully, keeping in mind the tagline, Modern Asian Cuisine. Reservations are highly recommended, since they run full house on all days, especially weekends.

The bar area at the Reception

The food is like 7 out of 10. Those who have an inclination towards Asian/Japanese cuisine and can gobble down cold food, like sushi and sashimi, will love this place. Others might not find it stomach-worthy. I don’t remember the name of the Sushi that we had. It was a cold Sushi, sticky rice with pickled onions and a tinge of Wasabi.


Starters had to include Dimsums, and my, what Dimsums they had. We had the Asparagus & Spinach Dimsums and Sauteed Leeks & Water Chestnuts Dimsums. They were exceptional, somewhat warm when served. The presentation was crazy. The preparation was intricate and a bit of froth added to extend the flavor.

Asparagus & Spinach Dimsums
Sauteed Leeks and Water Chestnuts Dimsums

The soups included the Ramen and Laksa. Both were truly authentic and I personally loved the presentation of the Laksa. A ceramic bowl containing the soup, atop a small flame, served with cilantro, spring onions, burnt garlic and a slice of lemon. What a concoction. The Ramen had a lot of veggies to gulp down, with a warm clear soup. 5/5 to these.

Ramen Clear Soup
The Laksa

We couldn’t resist delving into the Tapas Bar, where we found Asian Margariete Pizzarie, which is a round taco crisp, with toppings of cream, avocado, couple of jalapenos and herbs. Nothing much here as the taste was on the sweeter side.


Next up was the Beer Battered Avocado Tacos. This was good dish, very crispy and crunchy. The Tacos were kept standing on a pillared plate. Again, superb presentation.


The main course included Efu Noodles and Fragrant Chilly Fried Rice. These were amazing too. We had this along with Wok tossed veggies and pokchoy. The side dish was not good, as it was very bland and lacked taste.

We had also ordered a dish which was way off the target. Completely bad taste and not suited for our palates. But all-in-all, the food items here have been created with a taste of finesse and bringing all of Asia under one roof, Pa Pa Ya has done justice with it. The service is tad slow and many-a-times the waiters can’t explain the menu. They need to be trained on this. Although the service here is fast and steady. They also serve Palate Cleansers before the Starters and before the Main Course. These were kind of Sorbets with the tingling taste, and were watermelon and litchi based.

Get your chopsticks ready!!

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