Sree Saravana Bhavan Hotel, Tirupur

Sometimes the best of flavors and taste comes from the most meager places. Sree Saravana Bhavan is one such place. Located in Tiruppur district, some 50 kms away from Coimbatore, this hotel is spread across 3 floors. The ground floor restaurant is for quick bites, serving South Indian foods that are fast paced and easier to serve.

On the third floor is its Veg Fine Dining Restaurant, The Orchard. The usual clamor of steel utensils that we find in South Indian eateries is present here as well. They serve authentic South Indian meals, all you can eat that is, for a pocket pinch of about 180. There are so many things to dig into, that you are literally left wanting for more. The Orchard serves North Indian cuisine as well.

To start off, to get the flavor of South India, I ordered the meal. It started off with Tomato Soup, served with 2-3 croutons. It tasted good. It tasted better with some sprinkling of ground pepper.

Tomato Soup

Then came the huge Thali with 12 bowls, each containing something different. What I remember is as follows:

1) Rasam – Very light and watery gravy. It has close resemblance with the better known Sambhar, complete with veggies and spices.

2) Sambhar – The thicker and spicier version of Rasam.

3) Kadhi – Sour Curd based gravy, complete with vegetable fritters. One can have the same with Steamed Rice.

4) Pigeon Pea Lentils with Spinach – This is a special dal with bits of spinach. It was amazing.

5) Dal Tadka – Pigeon pea, or the regular dal that you can find across India. It was very thick, very high in protein quotient.

6) Veg. Biriyani – A small serving of the famous rice dish.

7) Aloo Bonda – Fried balls of Potato mixed with Besan and veggies.

8) Papaya Vegetable

9) Mixed Veg containing Onions, beans and carrots

10) Curd

11) Payasam

12) Paneer

The Huge Thali

There was Lachcha Parantha to go by, and then came a humble serving of Steamed Rice.

There are other accompaniments that one can savor, being Pickles, Ghee and Pori. The Pori is a traditional South Indian accompaniment that is a mixture of Besan, dal and spices, all ground together in powder form. A good helping with steamed rice, strewn with ghee, will throw you into a delectable journey down South.

After gulping down the food, Butter Milk was up next. With a pinch of chat masala to top it off, I was knocked out by the quantity they had to offer.

It is not a proper fine dining restaurant as such, but the food is hygienic and full of authentic spices. The aroma of spices literally stick to your hands for quite a while, that too, when you had washed your hands with soap. Such is the quality of South Indian Food. A must visit place when down south here in Tiruppur, the Textile Hub of India.

I couldn’t find this restaurant in Zomato, so here’s the Google Link to this place. ⇓⇓

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