Abcos Food Plaza, Kolkata

Snugged behind an imposing Columbia Asia Hospital, lies a 3-storeyed restaurant building, named Abcos Food Plaza. It is a one of a kind restaurant collection, that serves Bengali, Indian, Chinese, Continental and Asian cuisines, all under one roof.

The ground floor has the reception, which gives the look and feel of a Boutique Hotel. There is usually waiting here so you can reserve your seats well in advance. The ground floor reception does just that. They will guide you to the floor on which there is a vacant table.

There are 4 restaurants here, Kipling Klub, The Pen & Ink, O Calcutta and Dalhousie Celebrations. The latter being the only rooftop garden and bar. There is alcohol served on all the floors. They have almost the same menu, serving all the cuisines mentioned above. In the true sense, it is a food hotel, with lacquer finished wooden works, granite glazed marbles and tiles, beautiful sculptures and immaculate glassware.

The staff here is very experienced and pretty good in their chores. They have the menu embedded in their hearts and can remember all things that you order. Top-Notch stuff! Since there is cheap alcohol served here, many customers attend regularly. Kipling Klub and Pen & Ink are more family-friendly than the other two. The best thing that brings me here again and again is the food. Absolutely delicious food is served her, no bull, no strings attached. Whatever you fancy in the menu, turns out to be brilliant.

I decided to have the Bengali food here, with Steamed Rice, Murgir Jhol and JhurJhure Aloo Bhaja. What a combination it turned out. Lovely gravy served with crispy potato strips, to be had with rice. Drooling!!

Pindi Chana
Masala Kulcha with Dal Makhani
Steamed Rice, Murgir Jhol & JhurJhure Aloo Bhaja

The starters were just awesome, right from the crispy chilli mushrooms, Tandoori Aloo and Chicken Kebab. Very soft and perfect to start the mood for the evening. The service is fast and prompt. With the drinks, they give you Sprouts Salad and Peanuts as accompaniments. We also had the Pindi Chana, Dal Makhani, Masala Kulcha in the Vegetarian Main Course; it all turns out to be wonderful every time of our visit.

Bharwan Aloo
Crispy Chilli Mushrooms

Special mention, try the Omelette here when you come in the morning or evening snacks time. It is delicious to the power infinity. I bet it is one of the best Omelettes you will have in Kolkata. Abcos is a very food friendly place with intricate decorations and courteous service. Abcos will definitely keep you happy!

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Abcos Food Plaza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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