Sigree Global Grill, Kolkata

When it comes to Speciality Restaurants group, amazing food comes to mind. Sigree Global Grill joined the league of buffet restaurants in Kolkata, adding to the likes of Flame & Grill and Barbeque Nation. It is located in Silver Arcade, where all the prominent restaurants are situated. Reservations are recommended here, as there are long waiting queues during business hours.

The menu is pretty much similar to that of Flame and Grill. The non-veg starters will have Kasundi Fish, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Wings, Grilled Prawns, Chicken Reshmi Kebab, Tandoori Aloo, Paneer Tikka. The best part in the menu revolves around the fish and prawns. The chicken here are very dry, like most of the times. The mutton seekh kebab is a thing to relish too. You will be bombarded with starters, so that you have little space left for the main course. The starters also include Pizzas and Pastas and a chat counter as well.
Capture 3
Fish on Skewers
In the main course buffet, the spread is very appealing. A must have being the Biryani. There were several dishes laid out along with a colorful dessert counter and a separate salad counter. I am sure one will spend a long time when here.
Capture 2
The Dessert Offerings
What needs to be improved? The chicken dishes. Not at all the same quality that used to be before. Very dry and not yummy to have. The service is also prompt, although during rush hour, they seem to have a hard time coping with the never-ending demands of patrons. I simply loved the lighting arrangement done on the ceiling.
The lighting arrangement on the ceiling

Restaurant Zomato Link ⇓⇓⇓


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