The Black Sheep Bistro, Panaji, Goa

Another amazing restaurant worthy of appreciation.

As the name suggests, it is a Black Sheep in the flourishing restaurants of fun and frolic Goa. Situated in the capital city of Panaji, away from the happening places and shopping arcades, this restaurant has a chic setting. The exterior of the building represents an old Portuguese building, surrounded by many Government buildings. The interiors have been done up well to accommodate patrons of all kinds. They have high chairs as well as discrete seating spaces as well.

Since it is a very popular restaurant in Goa, we made it a point to have lunch here. We immediately called them up and asked to reserve a table for us. They did so and the welcome of the staff was pretty good. The soothing interiors along with exquisite wine selections and cocktails come in handy for a good meal.

We were suggested to have amazing dishes to delve in and cocktails to go along. For the starters we’d the Veg. Quesadilla. They were crunchy and filled with awesomeness. The salsa to go along was indeed good so we had another round of it too. It followed with the main course items, The Chicken Stroganoff and Paneer Tikka Rice.

Veg Quesedillas with Salsa Sauce

The gravy of the chicken stroganoff was amazing. A humble pouring of the gravy over a bed of rice, complete with minced pieces of chicken. It was truly delightful.

Chicken Stroganoff

Same goes for the paneer as well. Very tender. A paneer tikka patty laid over rice and served with vegetables and a sweet and soury sauce. It was a perfect combination.

Paneer Tikka Rice

I really liked the concept of serving main course as a wholesome meal for a single person, instead of many people ordering random number of plates for different items. The portion sizes were enough for one person, although maybe less for a glutton. But a single serving can do good for an average eater.

For the cocktails we’d the long Island Iced Tea, Martini and Thyme Basil drink. I didn’t liked the thyme one but the other cocktails were great. Great service tipped off with some good food. A perfect setting for a restaurant. Definitely give it a try when in Goa. You will be amazed.

Restaurant Zomato Link ⇓⇓⇓

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