Firangi Madras, Kolkata

Fusion South Indian food.

A relatively newer concept, not tested by many. This is situated in a small lane of Bangur Avenue which has places like this coming up every other week. A relatively larger space, the settings has been done up well. Nice bit of seating space including an area where you can fold your legs, relax and have your food (no shoes allowed here). Rest of the area are tabled.

The menu is broken down into Firangi, Madrasi and Firangi Madras. Firangi having pastas, Madrasi having the authentic South Indian delicacies, the likes of dosas, idlis and vadas. Lastly, the fusion one had these Peri Peri idli fries, cheesy pulled garlic vadas, cheese burst dosas and the likes. We straight away went for the fusion food, ordering all three above. Upon arrival, you get a complimentary masala chaas, or spiced butter milk. It tasted heavenly.

The Peri Peri idli fries were crispy and crunchy and was served with Jalapeno Mayonnaise sauce. It was idli sticks, deep fried. It didn’t taste like idlis though, but were quite crunchy.

Peri Peri Idli Fries

The vadas were not good. If you take it with loads of Mayonnaise sauce, then it may taste a bit better. We had the cheesy pulled garlic vadas. It was tasteless until you have loads of mayonnaise sauce to complement it.

Cheesy Pulled Garlic Vadas

The best item was the Cheese Burst Dosa. It was very filling and loads of cheese drizzled around. It tasted really better with the actual fusion taste kicking in. The dosas were cut in cylindrical shape and drizzled with loads of cheese and spring onions.

Staff service is good. The waiters are polite and ask you whether everything was good. Since it was a new place, special care was taken by the owners to check on the service as well as the food. The decor has been really done well, keeping the young crowd in mind. “Aaj Bhookhe To Bahut Hoge Tum” and several other quirky lines/dialogues substituted the walls.

Special mention: This being a South Indian food joint, the sambhar and chutney doesn’t taste good at all. We had the rava idli Dosa as well with the sambhar and chutney, but they were even near of being authentic.

Restaurant Zomato Link ⇓⇓⇓

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