Marco Polo, Park Street, Kolkata

A legendary restaurant indeed.

A soothing ambience with an age old diorama here at Marco Polo.
They’ve crafted and maintained their food quality over the years and that’s what brings me back here again and again. The staff are very courteous and that’s how waiters should be. They have the knack and patience to listen to you and get what you want.

Jumping to the food quality, just one word, Incredible. There has been no compromise to the food quality here.

Starters included Prawn Pepper Salt, American corn salt and pepper, Murgh tikka, Bharwan Aloo, Dudhia Paneer Tikka and Mushroom pepper salt. “Dudhia” Paneer Tikka is a must try, something different from the regular paneer items. It is crafted with a twist, to insert a layer of spicy filling in between 2 paneer slices, so as to form a sandwich kind of stuff. All the pepper salt items were crispy and crunchy. Bharwan Aloo is another great item in the menu with a covering of til.

Veg Cantonese Noodles

For the main course, we opted for the Burnt Garlic fried rice, although the same wasn’t in the menu, but upon request, they made it. And it turned out to be just great. This is the difference that the waiters brought in. Cantonese noodles followed next. Pretty dry but good. The noodles were glass noodles, thin and long.

Indian delicacies were Murgh Changhezi, Chhole Masala and Dal Makhani. All the items were superb and cooked to perfection. Murgh Changhezi needs an applause as well. The chicken was soft and tenderloin. Generally, the pieces of chicken loose juiciness when cooked improperly in a tandoor, but this was not the case  here.

The pocket pinch is also not that much, compared to other restaurants in the near vicinity. Highly recommended.

Restaurant Zomato Link ⇓⇓⇓

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