The Great Biryani Company, Kolkata – Delivery Only

This is a pure delivery outlet having a mega menu consisting of Indian, Biryani, Chinese and Oriental Cuisines. The menu doesn’t fall short of suiting everyone’s taste palate. They have a galore of Non-veg and veg items.

We placed our order over WhatsApp since I was invited by the owner to try out their food. The delivery turned out to be half an hour late. But it was compensated by the amazing food quality they have managed to put up.

The packaging was brilliant, sealed pack. The containers were of good quality and they also gave a plastic knife-cum-spoon with a tissue. Seriously, superb packaging. The food reached me in almost out-of-kitchen condition, served hot and fresh.

Our menu consisted of:
*Spring Rolls – Delectable and Crunchy. A bit oily though.

*Hara Bhara Biryani along with Masala Raita – Biryani was not that good as expected. But the aroma managed to tingle the taste buds. Masala Raita was incredible. I licked the container dry 😉 The portions were huge.

*Benarasi Aloo Dum – Impressive preparation. The taste was lip-smacking and bang on the money.

*Dal Makhani – This is the best bet here. Although I haven’t tried all the items in the menu, but I’m sure this Dal Makhani is unique as it can get. Highly recommended. Very thick and perfect smooth taste.

Even the breads were perfectly packed in aluminum foils and were hot and soft on arrival.

Cheese Kulcha
Masala Kulcha
Spring Rolls
Veg Spring Rolls

We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of the Great Biryani Co. Please do give it a try.

Psst: They’re open up to 3 a.m. in the morning. They have a limited area of operation as of now but I’m sure if they keep up with this quality, they’ll go the long way.

Restaurant Zomato Link ⇓⇓⇓

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