The Chutney Co., Kolkata

Incredible choice for South Indian lovers. Guests are welcomed with a shared signage with that of Piccadilly Square. Both Chutney Company and Piccadily Square are owned by the same owners and have done pretty well in maintaining their name. The old building of Dalhousie houses both these amazing restaurants and see waiting time of more than 15-20 minutes in some cases. Parking is an issue as you cannot park on the main road. You have to go behind the Governor’s Place and park your vehicle there.
The seating space is lavish with wooden flooring and ornate decors across the walls. Service is wonderful as there will be many people surrounding you to serve you.


Welcome to the World of Chutneys. The amazing palette of chutneys will greet you. They have garlic chutney, tomato, spicy coconut, onion and the like. The dosas are savory and can be had with the Rava version, or the normal version. Thanks to Piccadilly Square we can have waffles, pancakes, Pizzas, crepes, burgers etc. I chose the focaccia sandwich where you can custom make your sandwich just like Subway.

Focaccia Sandwich

The pancakes are bliss. The waffles and donuts, especially the chocolate ones are amazing. Although the Hazelnut Donut was a bit dry, but the pancakes were superb.

Chocolate Waffles

The Mexican Burger was also very good. It was served with a jalapeno mayonnaise dip along with Nachos. Coming to the shakes, the banana caramel shake stole the show. We also had chocolate hazelnut shake as well, which was pretty well up to the mark.

Mexican Burger with Dip & Nachos

We signed off with signature filter coffee and wow what a coffee. Authentic filter coffee taste to sip through.

All in all we had a great experience at The Chutney Company & Piccadilly Square. Great food. Great decor. What else do you want!! It was worth a 5* experience.

Restaurant Zomato Link ⇓⇓⇓

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