PPT – Perfect Place in Town, Kolkata

Ok so this is one of the lit places in Sector 5.

A gigantic place on the 9th floor of the Stesalit Towers building, right behind PS Srijan Corporate Park. There is valet parking available.

The lobby is small and can become congested once there are too many people gathering there. The place is divided into many sections. On the extreme left you will see an upcoming gold lounge. On the right side they have a wall decoration for clicking selfies. The middle portion is for small gathering of around 10:20 people. Next up is the dance floor. Then comes more sitting areas. The right hand side has the smoking room and complete bar with high chairs. Continue on your right and you can go up the stairs and see the outdoor seating. It’s a huge terrace with ample seating space and a good view of The Skyline of sector 5. It’s a great place for winter chill and having hookah.

Coming to the service all the people are budding with energy. They make everything possible to make your evening a comfortable one.
Coming to the food and drinks we tasted the following.


1. Spicy Guava Punch: could’ve been a bit thicker, less ice and a bit more spicy.

Spicy Guava Punch

2. Lemon Grass Mojito: too sour
3. Mango shake: too good a drink

Mango Smoothie

4. Fresh Watermelon Juice: Perfect presentation

1. American corn salt and pepper: crispy and crunchy. Just tasted great.
2. Chilly Mushroom: same old story
3. Spring Rolls: incredible presentation in a guitar shaped plate with the hood of the guitar having the sauce. Tasted perfect.
4. Mixed sauce pasta: again a good one. Thank PPT for that!!
5. Thin crust pizza: okayish. They added bamboo shoot as a topping.
6. Crispy chilly baby corn: too good again.

All in all, the food is incredibly good, so is the service. Ambience can’t be better. Hookah is a problem but they made everything possible to sort it out. In the end, great Hookah too.

I would highly recommend this place for a fun evening.

Restaurant Zomato Link ⇓⇓⇓

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