Hoppipola, Acropolis Mall, Kolkata

Lively restaurant on the 4th Floor of Acropolis Mall.

Hoppipola is right between Asia Kitchen and Chili’s, both amazing restaurants themselves. But Hoppipola is a unique offering to the patrons, with discrete seating and a bar like feeling. There’s a DJ belting out incredible numbers and make the atmosphere inside feel like that of a lounge.

The interiors have been done keeping in mind the word “Cool”. Toy planes hanging from the roof, etched glasses, garden fences, wall decors etc are all in line with the word Cool. There are a number of games that can keep you busy like Jenga, Chalkboard tables, Game of Life etc. On the inside there is a huge bar serving out amazing cocktails in designer bottles or contraptions.

We had the Blood Bank Glass, where Cranberry juice was mixed with rum, and put in a saline bottle hanging upside down. The concoction was to be sucked from a pipe to savor its taste. The excess would drop down in a beaker. Pretty medical stuff, looked like a blood transfusion. Coming to the food, some of the items were not at all good, but some were just over the top.


Masala Fries – Exceptional starters to be had with your drinks or just like that. Good ol’ fries with Peri Peri masala, lip smacking.

Chilli Cheese Toasts – Served on a wooden board, 6 pcs. of rightly cooked bread with a good amount of cheese and little bit of green chillis. Perfect for a start.

Chilli Cheese Toast

Masala Pizza – This Pizza just blew me away. Very unique Indian Masala taste put on top of a thin-crust pizza, complete with olives, cheese and tomato. This leaves a tingling taste on your buds.

Cheese Bombs – Another amazing starter with superb filling of cheese, mayonnaise and veggies. All the starters were served with Tandoori Mayonnaise giving a burnt after-taste.


Pasta – Loaded with cream. We had specifically asked for more cheese, but there were none. It was made gooey with extra amount of cream, loosing its taste on the way.

Chilli Paneer Kathi Roll – The bread was not cooked properly. The filling masala was not that great as we expect in a Kathi Roll. The whole portion was either not fresh or not cooked properly.

Other items consisted of Spaghetti Pasta. It was also good. The staff and ambiance were very good. Although the music was very loud, but they were patient enough to make us understand the recipe/menu item 2-3 times.

Overall, it was an amazing experience. Though it was not a stomach-filling experience, but hey, that depends on what you like to have.

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