A Treat In Bangkok – The 33 Cafe

I found this little cafe tucked in a small lane behind the imposing Ramada D MA Bangkok Hotel.

It has the setting of an American Cafe and has a petite feel to it.

The Inside of the Cafe

Thirty 3 Cafe is one of the best cafes that I have come across in Thailand so far. Having a set menu, with over 325+ dishes available, this small yet huge eatery offers authentic Thai cuisine, Indian & Chinese Food. Their last order is at 10:00 P.M. and close the gates for business right before 11:00 P.M. Their pricing is simply up to the mark. No silly money being charged for the food. Exquisite taste and authentic dishes served.

What topped it off was the extremely fast service. The food was served in under 10 minutes, which is lightning fast given our order. I had to have the Tom Yum Soup (thick) with a humble filling of fish and prawns. We made the mistake of ordering two for two persons. The portion size was “enormous”. It was served on a hot plate with a small flame running below to keep it warm. The soup was as authentic as it could get. Simply superb. Price 120 THB.

Tom Yum Soup with Prawns

We further ordered Spaghetti in Olive Oil, Sticky rice with sauteed mushrooms, fried rice with prawns and fried rice with squids. A small serving on a circular bowl for the rice, with 4 pieces of prawns and about 7-8 pieces of squids, complete with vegetables, spring onion and salads. The whole setting was lip-smacking and appealing to the eye. The taste, as good as it can get. The total bill for all this was just 720 THB and an overflowing stomach. The staff was humble, polite and fastidious. The ambiance is really good. The portion sizes are enough for one person to dig in.

Spaghetti with Olive Oil
Fried Rice with Prawns

Lovely little cafe here in Bangkok, right outside the Ramada Hotel. Highly recommended. Got a word from some fellow Indians there, the Indian Food served here is also superb.

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